Is it a good idea to write my first blog entry on a Tuesday morning at work before I’ve even had my coffee? Only time will tell. Whilst Greece is having one of the worst heatwaves in recent years, our air-conditioned office is reminiscent of Christmas in London (minus the decorations unless you count some of the ornaments the secretaries wear).

I shouldn’t boo hoo too much though. After enjoying my Beechams Cold & Flu and sometimes a good riding in the office, I get to leave and live the Med life. It’s a bit of a party. However, I do want out. Gotta find the job I love and never work a day and all that malarkey. The thing with us writers is that we’ve already found the job we love… We just need to convince people to give us money for it. I will also settle for clothes and/or accessories. I’m easy like that.

So while I’m waiting for the other shoe to drop, for the jigsaw to complete or to be entirely honest, for me to pull my finger out and finally finish my book, you can read the ramblings of a blonde, die-hard Sex and the City fan, cupcake and sour penny sweet loving 30-year-old girl whose most recent addiction is Chamomile tea (the stuff is (almost) better than Xanax) and 30 Rock.

Good God, Lemon!

Love, Kat xx

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