Out of Character

I try to at least open my laptop once a day and look at my book even if it’s exactly that… just looking at it.  Instead of sitting my arse down and actually writing something, opening the laptop, acknowledging the unfinished book’s existence, scrolling down a few pages and then shutting down is better than not opening it at all and turning up the volume of the TV to drain out the voices, “write me, write me…”

During the day the energy level is at a good 10, excitement to get home to get a chapter in or even 1000 words… but as the day goes by you realise that the excitement to go home and write the book was more excitement to get out of the office and into the sunshine or go home and catch up on a few episodes of 30 Rock, start the new season of True Blood, have a cuddle on the couch or even do the laundry; anything other than being in the bloody office.

As I drove home from work last night I realised that I wasn’t fooling anybody and just admitted to myself that I wasn’t going to write anything; summer brain has completely taken over.  However, whilst thinking about it (even with summer brain) I had a light-bulb-above-head cartoon moment and decided that I had to change one of the lead character’s names.  I realised that my character was definitely more of a ‘Beatrix’ than a ‘Kaytlin’ and should have thought of this earlier.  Once home I sat down and changed all references throughout and what do you know… I actually wrote something!  Fine, it was more of a ‘find’ and ‘replace’ situation but it still counts, I’m counting it!  Last night, I wrote.

I feel very excited about Beatrix for many reasons.  I think that perhaps she hated her name growing up but now as an adult she kinda likes it and is secretly proud that she has an ‘X’ in her name.  I feel that the name blends in much better with the other lead character’s name and that their initials work well together.  I can play around with her name more in dialogue (“could you BEA more sarcastic?” OK, OK, maybe I need to work on that)…

It’s noon at the office and I’m looking forward to going home and giving Beatrix a good seeing to.  I just hope that by 5.30pm, doing the dishes won’t seem more appealing…

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