First Date

This morning was one of those mornings where I couldn’t even juggle ‘living’ with ‘being a girl’.  I overslept a little (due to the Alcatraz marathon I started last night – it’s pretty awesome so far; guess I’ll have to watch till the end to figure out why they cancelled it) so I had to cut out the ‘make-up’ and ‘thinking about what to wear’ part of the morning and literally just threw on whatever clothes were closest to me.  Nothing matches but the important thing is that I got to work on time (won’t lie; red lights were ignored and bus lanes were driven in).  I just need to remember to avoid any mirrors or reflective surfaces.

Before Alcatraz, I managed to check out my book and remind myself exactly where I was.  I am finishing up a scene which is basically a first date scene and to be honest I didn’t really enjoy writing it that much.  I had to make it romantic and original but personally I’m not a big romantic so it didn’t come that easy to me.  It was one of those chapters where I had to ‘try’ to write it.  Other parts I can make a right meal of and go on for pages with minimum effort, i.e. where someone gets home drunk and fumbles for half an hour with the keys but ends up sleeping on the porch because they can’t get in the house.

The first date will definitely be a chapter that will have to be revisited and edited over and over but at a later stage because the more I read it now the more I hate it and if I edit it now, the first date will be over in a sentence.  To be honest, I have been stuck here for a few weeks and I think it’s time to move on and this weekend is a good a time as any.  Ah, Friday optimism…

Have a great weekend!

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