Later, I’m Greek Now

Lately, I’ve been at a very dangerous point where I find myself saying “after summer” a lot. This is dangerous because it could evolve into (a) the hopeful procrastinator’s “tomorrow” (but tomorrow never comes), (b) the imaginative procrastinator’s “when my tan fades” or (c) the lazy procrastinator’s “after Christmas”. I swear the majority of PA members (Procrastinators Anonymous) are Greek. It seems to be in our genes.

Summer in Greece is PA’s worst nightmare. Who wants to be locked up indoors writing (said whilst spitting) when you could be enjoying the gorgeous sunshine, perhaps on a beach, till way after 9PM and hell if I’ll be the wet blanket and say no to drinks by the Acropolis. This is just the weeknights. Don’t get me started on the weekends where there is always some new island to visit or even the usual beach to lay on almost comatose from dusk until dawn, with a book over your face and a cocktail in your hand. Yes, I realise how I’m sounding… Hi, my name is Kat and I’m a procrastinator.

So, to punish myself, I shall be taking the laptop with me wherever I go. After work; I’ll write. Summer holidays are coming up… Kat will be writing. After the beach, I will be writing. When the guys are barbecuing, I will be writing (followed by eating – a gal’s gotta eat) and when everybody is partying…. who am i kidding? I will also be partying. BUT… I will be up early with my Frappe and the laptop on the balcony taking in the view and getting some words in.

Not exactly community service…


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