Me, Myself & I, I, I

During my first ever writing stint (school work experience as a staff writer at the local newspaper in Enfield, London), I was taught that you can’t write in the first-person when writing news/informative matter (i.e. “Mrs Betty Crown of Willaby Lane passed away on Saturday.  Not much older than my own grandmother, Mrs Willaby loved to skydive, which I think is great”) because quite frankly, no one cares what you think or how old your grandmother is when you are a nobody.  If I was a Spice Girl, I’m sure that would be fine although you wouldn’t get a Spice Girl writing the obituaries so my whole point is contradictory and I’m getting off topic…

My writing style ever since I was a wee one has always been in the first-person which is why I enjoy writing stories and even this blog more than I like to write articles/news.  First-person is basically writing what you think, exactly as you think it, which some may call lazy but in my defence… OK, I have no case.  I’m lazy and I know it, but I truly do love writing in the first-person!  You really have the opportunity to get under your character’s skin and into their head.  I’ve always thought that this is what having multiple personalities would feel like.  You can be a famous actress with a secret (webbed feet), an obsessive compulsive astronaut turned drag queen, or, if you dare, a man (“today at work (sex) I had a run in with my boss (sex).  She told me (sex) that my holiday leave was not approved (sex) and I’m so angry I want to (sex) kill her or sleep with her”).

My book, big surprise, is in the first-person.  At some point (probably when I’m retired) I may dabble in third-person, alternating-person or even challenge myself to write a book in, drum roll please, second-person (“you woke up this morning smelling of tequila and aftershave, your head pounding in the rhythm of the Latin music you were dancing like a teenager to last night”) but for now, who’s got that kinda time?

‘”I have a first-person narrative book to write,” I said joyfully, with my right hand on my mouse, the cursor hovering above the ‘Publish Post’ button on my blog.  Click!’

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