Reader’s Block

My summer holidays are coming up (I have to keep repeating that sentence so that I can make it through Monday). In just two short weeks I will be chilling hard for about 20 days and as the days are drawing near I’m getting more and more excited. I’ll be off to the summer house on Spetses island (approx. 2 hours away from Athens, Greece) and even though it will be nothing new to me, just the prospect of being away from the office and relaxing with my MacBook and the couple of books that I need to finish before summer is over, is really whetting my appetite. The books in question are (1) 50 Shades of Grey (I can’t be the only woman on the planet not to have read it) and (2) After the Party by Lisa Jewell. No. 2 has so far travelled with me to London, Manchester, Lake District, Stockholm, Spetses, New York, Vermont and Mayrhofen and still remains unread. No offence at all to Lisa Jewell; she is my absolute favourite chick-lit author (and one of the reasons I started a few projects in the genre) but I’m suffering from a bit of Reader’s Block. It’s a thing. It must be.

I’ve narrowed down the main causes of my RB as follows: – juggling too many things (see my blog header), trying to catch up on my TV series and movies (want to write something watchable one day) and getting sidetracked by my own thoughts whilst reading which leads to sentences being read and re-read and re-read, till the book gets rested on my chest with me staring at the ceiling, before being closed and returned to its place on the bedside cabinet.

The sidetracking I’m referring to would be, for example, in After the Party, when I read about Ralph and Jem’s (the two main characters) relationship going stagnant, I am automatically referred to my own relationship and start thinking about how I need to arrange a date night and pronto. When I find myself chuckling at something witty and clever Jewell has written (a regular occurrence with this one) I start thinking about my own book and writing style and how I can learn from her. Finally, there is the guilt. Reading is an indulgence and I always feel that I’m neglecting something or someone whenever I open a book. Also, there’s the fact that when I’m reading I’m not writing (counterargument: you can’t write if you don’t read and there are so many books I need to catch up on). With all the guilt I carry around, one can only assume that I was Catholic in my previous life.

So, my point, other than trying to distract myself from the fact that it is Monday, is that I am very excited about my upcoming break as, among other ‘holiday’ things, I will get to enjoy guilt-free reading and writing like the good little nerd that I am.

That’s all folks! Enjoy your Monday. Is it really Monday? Why?? Nerts!

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