Plant Life

I am officially on holiday and am writing this post from my iPhone. In order not to make this sound like an out-of-office message (damn, that reminds me I forgot to set my out-of-office message at work) I’ll let you know what I’ve been up to.

I planted a lemontree in the garden. Well not me, the Albanian gardener. He also planted the other plants I bought (that’s the extent of my gardening skills; putting my hand in my wallet) which consist of a tiny mandarin tree (I feel ridiculous calling it a tree really as it’s more like a mandarin twig), two benzoins and a lovely orange hibiscus which closed up and has remained closed ever since I brought it here yesterday. I don’t think it likes me.

For the first time I can understand why my grandmother gets so excited talking about her plants and when I woke up I found myself jumping out of bed, running downstairs like a child on Christmas morning and dashing outside to see the garden which, no surprise, was exactly the same as yesterday. The lemontree hadn’t grown at all, which was slightly disappointing neither had the mandarin “tree”.

Apart from that, I’ve had workmen in the house every day fixing one thing or the other (I leave the specifics to the men) and haven’t really moved from my favourite spot on the veranda. The beverage in my hand changes from iced coffee to beer and my activity switches from reading to, wait for it, writing! Yesterday I wrote about 3,000 words and thoroughly enjoyed it. My character adopted a cute labrador puppy and now I want one too but have to remind myself that envy is ugly and unbecoming.

I’m off into town for a coffee but not before I try to publish this post without any typos and may even attempt to upload a photo. Please bear with me.


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