Deer in Headlights

Yesterday I had a really good writing day. I got up and it was still quiet. I made a coffee and I sat outside on the veranda with the laptop. The weather has been milder these last couple of days and there was a nice calming breeze making it possible to sit outside without wanting to hose yourself down with freezing water every ten seconds. However, the little old gentleman in the antique shop told me to expect heat-waves for the rest of the week. By the way, this little old gentleman must have been a right hottie in his heyday. Just saying.

I had the next two chapters of my book in my head as clear as day itching to get out of my head, through my hands and onto the screen, so writing them (with regular breaks for WordPress Reader, Twitter, Instagram and the like) was a walk in the park… Till I got to the end of those (an impressive, if I might say so myself, 5,000 words later) and then got stuck again. I’ll try to get myself unstuck today and tomorrow keeping in mind E.L. Doctorow’s words that writing is like driving at night; you can only see as far as your headlights but eventually, you get there.

Here on the island I certainly have the best setting for writing and inspiration and shudder at the thought that next week my summer holiday will be over and it will be back to reality but I hope my headlights will continue to shine on what I need to see even when I’m back in the city. #%*€¥=$?~&£@!^\•; (that’s my PG version of REALLY bad swear words).

Here’s to getting there.


4 thoughts on “Deer in Headlights

  1. mariehermannwrites says:

    I’ve always envisioned writing exactly where this picture was taken. Why can’t we – writers – get paid to write while sitting with a cup of coffee on a veranda in PARADISE? =) Good luck and keep it up with your book!

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