Character Envy

My vacation is over and I’ve been back at work since yesterday. As alternatives, running away, massacre and spontaneous human combustion have all crossed my mind several times. I understand that in this economy, one should just be grateful that they are in employment but with unemployment comes ‘not working’ which is a big plus in my opinion.

So while I’m back at work trudging away at the never ending treadmill that is shipping finance/law, trying to sort through poo-loads of emails and filing etc., my character, Bea, is living the life of my dreams. At approximately 32,000 words, she has relocated from the city to her family home, a beach house in the South of England, she gets to rides her fancy lady bike (complete with basket and bell) everywhere and for her bacon, she writes a food column for the local paper. If that all didn’t sound good enough, she has just adopted the most adorable Labrador pup. It’s alright for some. Next thing you know she’ll be getting a major three-book-deal and going on a worldwide book tour. If she wins a Pulitzer, I may kill myself.

She might only be a figment of my imagination but that bitch is getting on my last nerve. I have a good mind to inflict some Job-like circumstances on her ass. I’m somewhat comforted by the fact that there are a good 60,000 odd words left to write; her time will come… Pahahahaha (satanic laugh).

Warning: as the full moon approaches, I will only get crazier. Get away now while you still can.

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