Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy

Recently I’ve been thinking that maybe my main character, Bea, is too happy. She is easily pleased much like myself (which is why it’s not difficult to write in her voice) and I’m trying not to make her just another (perhaps bustier) version of myself. I’m not the easiest person but it doesn’t take a lot to get me doing The Robot. Since Earth is full of people who can’t get no satisfaction, if I write about my character cartwheeling in the supermarket because their favourite quilted toilet paper is back in stock, will pessimist readers think, ‘eff you and your fudging optimism; burn in hell’ and hurl my book under an oncoming train? Is a happy main character just too… easy?

This post was way longer (I swear) but it was a load of old writer-waffle, so I decided to ‘kill’ most of it and just keep my above enthralling thought-of-the-day and also the below (PG) examples of me being easily pleased:

  • I love the words ‘codswallop’ and ‘shenanigans’. If I hear them used properly in a sentence (preferably by an elderly person), much rolling on the floor with laughter will ensue. Every time.
  • Hershey’s Peanut Butter Cups. I can’t accurately describe (without being deemed an exaggerator) how far my eyeballs bulged out of my head when I opened the fridge at work and saw that someone had brought some in for their birthday. Two were immediately shoved in each pocket.
  • Finding my old badminton rackets and shuttlecock (birdie) in the attic and managing to convince my boyfriend to play a game with me. Outside. In the middle of the street. At midnight.
  • (Men, skip this point) I’m ecstatic that navy blue nail polish is in style and have now become one of those girls we all hate who post pictures of their nails on Instagram and the like.
  • Seeing a kitten. If I’m supposed to be somewhere at a certain time but happen to see a kitten, add approximately twenty-five minutes to that time.
  • A kind comment or like on my blog can lead to several minutes of smiling (and maybe even The Robot).

Anyway, enough of this codswallop; I’m off to get on with my daily shenanigans.

Have a lovely foreplay to Friday (a.k.a. Thursday).


4 thoughts on “Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy

  1. poppytump says:

    Out with a Birdie and Racket@ Midnight oh I would have done that once upon a time !
    Kittens I ❤ them too . Ours has a bit of the Hereforshire-Rough Genes in her I am convinced – so a bit of a Spitfire early on .. calmed down now thankfully .. still have to watch out for the EarsGoingBack *signal* eeeek
    Nice Blog . Robot ?????

  2. poppytump says:

    A kind comment or like on my blog can lead to several minutes of smiling (and maybe even The Robot).A kind comment or like on my blog can lead to several minutes of smiling (and maybe even The Robot).
    thought that you might do one . Now. wherever you are lololol 😉 and then have to explain hehehe

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