Blue Moons and Bicycles

This blog has made a bit of a turn of late from ‘Writer-Trying-To-Finish-Book’ to ‘Spetses-Island-Big-Up-Site’, but I really do love this island and the love was further ingrained when I decided with a friend of mine, Maria, to cycle around the whole island on Saturday (more like she managed to convince me). It’s a small island, only 26km the whole way round with breathtaking views and many, many uphill (or downhill depending on which way you are coming) slopes that made my thighs burn like hell and me regret agreeing to do it. Despite my bitching, I loved it.

I’ve done the ‘Round’ many times by motorcycle but it can’t compare to doing it by bicycle. Firstly, by motorcycle it takes about 20 minutes whereas it took me over 2 hours to do it by bike. Maria has done it in 1:20 but this time, unfortunately for her, she had to wait for me (and put up with my protests and threats of fainting – I’m not as fit as I maybe should be). Secondly, the annoying sound of the motorcycle really does ruin the beauty. The quietness of cycling around, listening to only the gentle wind in the trees, the lash of the waves against the shore, the birds singing and on occasion the clunk of the bicycle chain changing gear, was amazing. A few motorbikes and cars passed (and didn’t take me with them when I tried to flag them down, panting) but apart from that, it was completely quiet and serene.

After the initial swearing that I will never do this again wore off, I decided to do it again! In two weeks when my friends Lil’ Dave and Katy come over from England, they are in for a cycling treat.

After the bike ride, we went to the open summer cinema and saw Hysteria with Maggie Gyllenhaal and Hugh Dancy which turned out to be one of those films that I wish I wrote. Funny and original, I loved it and Maggie’s English accent was impeccable. Also,the view of the blue moon from the cinema was spectacular.

I’m toying with the idea of lying and saying I wrote loads over the weekend. I won’t. I didn’t. I have however been researching quite a lot (but not nearly as much as I need to). At the moment, I need to learn more about (inter alia) lighthouses and I’ve been picking a few brains. I’ve also been meticulously studying my twitter feed as I follow a lot of writers, editors and publishers who have some spectacular, eye-opening writing tips. Where have I been all this time? (Check out some of my favourites.)

Between the bike ride and the full blue moon, I’m trying to salvage what’s left of my thighs (and the important bit in between), nerves, heart and mental stability all whilst working, living, loving, being a girl and writing a book.

(Full moon photo courtesy of my fabulous friend, Vasso)

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