Cat’s Life (That’s What People Say…)

Sunny the Kitten

I have been back at work for a full fortnight and even though I’ve managed to get away on the weekends, I’m still filled with after-holiday resentment at having to work. I got to the point of saying “something’s gotta give” about twenty-five times a day and sure enough, something did. It came in the form of a 1lb fluff ball called Sunny.

Sunny the Kitten
Sunny the Kitten

Meet Sunny, the Shoe-Loving Kitten. Some friends of a friend from New York were holidaying in Pelion in Greece’s Magnesia (coincidentally where I was born but a good 4 hours away from where I now live) and found Sunny, the 1lb fluff ball in question. He was wandering alone, not particularly scared, just rather hungry.

Sunny loves loafers...
Sunny loves loafers…

They brought the little thing back with them to Athens but unfortunately (not for them) they had to go back to New York and so Sunny was yet again looking for permanent residence.  My friend, (we’ll call her AL for Animal Lover) who owns a kitten-eating-dog (this may not necessarily be true but she decided not to risk it) called me with this sales pitch:

AL: My friends have found the cutest kitten in Pelion.
Me: Awww but no, I can’t.
AL: He’s one month old and tiny, tiny, tiny.
Me: Awww, but I still can’t.
AL: You were born there right? You could be related.
Me: Still no.
AL: He has blue eyes.
Me: You shouldn’t be so hung up on looks. What if he had no eyes? Would it be less lovable?
AL: Fine, can you at least look after him temporarily till his immune system is a bit stronger and he’s old enough to eat by himself and then we can try to find him a home otherwise he will be out on his own; a lost little baby kitten in the cruel, cruel world.
Me: Damn you, where is he? I’ll go get him now.

... but is also partial to a good All Star
… but is also partial to a good All Star

Even before I saw him I knew that I would keep him but as soon as I clapped eyes on him (even though he’s barely visible to the naked eye) it was love. He is very friendly but also independent, likes to sleep alone and has a bigger shoe fetish than Carrie Bradshaw. I find myself waking up in the mornings and sprinting into the living room to find him for a cuddle. He’s starting to understand his name now and is so cute that I have to fight the urge to bite him. On the one hand I can’t wait till he grows up so that I actually have something solid to cuddle without being scared of crushing his bones but on the other, he’s unbelievably cute like this. He sleeps around 18 hours a day (is this normal?); it really is a cat’s life. Enough kitten banter for now; I’m sure I’ll be posting more about Sunny in the future.

Over the weekend I was in Spetses (again) and on Saturday we had the annual naval war re-enactment of Armata in which the Greeks managed to attack and burn to smithereens the Turkish armada which was on its way to take Greece over on 8 September 1821. We didn’t take too kindly to that idea apparently and the citizens of the Greek islands of Spetses, Hydra and Psara put their Frappe’s down long enough to blow up a ship and prevent this from happening. As kitsch as it may sound, it’s very emotional and makes one deeply patriotic. A fantastic fireworks display ensued (on cue to, among others, the James Bond theme music) which had me guffawing and clapping like a seal.

Armata 2012
Armata Festival 2012, Spetses Island, Greece

Other news: I went to my pregnant friend’s bachelorette party which consisted of 6 girls, a jumbo pizza, wine and Love Radio; the groom went to the local with the lads. No strippers, no drugs and no animals harmed. Call me prude (I’ve been called worse) but if you want all that, why get married? Stay single and do it everyday. Ta-dah! Problem solved. The wedding is today and even though I questioned the date at first (9-11), I know that I will always remember their anniversary. Their love story (to me) is the stuff of story books. They’ve known each other basically since birth and grew up on the same island. A fling in high school wasn’t enough to make them realise that they were meant for each other and 15 years later, a bit of timing, a bit of this, a bit of that… and BAM, they’re having a baby and getting married. Real life love stories are the best for filling up the inspiration tank and it’s the little details that make all the difference; I love the way she talks about him and how she’s says “made love” instead of “shagging”; how she refers to the baby being like it’s father already and even the fact that she would never even consider strippers for her Hen Night (granted, maybe because the stripper would have found it difficult to gyrate on her massive belly, plus she has all these hormones and would have probably ended up kicking him in the lunchbox). Yes! There are people like this out there! Get me a box of tissues and my laptop already.

I couldn’t write at all this weekend. I tried. I wrote around 200 words, about 10 of which might make the final cut, when I realised I wasn’t going to get a motivation erection no matter how hard I yanked at it, but low and behold, between Sunny, Armata and my friends’ real life love story, I’m glad to report that the inspiration tank’s indicator is showing over half full. I better get writing really before I waste it all on this post.

Do Not Disturb
Do Not Disturb

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