For The Love of Books

My latest book order

I love books. There, I said it. I’ve been trying to think of a way I could make such a silly obvious statement without getting the response, “well duh, you want to make them so obviously you must love them“, or “do you also love chocolate and breathing, dummy?”. I had the following ideas:

  • Extra, extra, read all about it: I love books.
  • Hey y’all, y’know what I love? Books!
  • ‘Ssup. I love books. No, I LOVE books.
  • My eyes adore gazing upon bound pages, moving from left to right and repeating the action for as many hours as possible.

I think you get the point.  I love the smell of books, old and new (although I’m partial to a young ‘un), I love the feel of books and if I was a superhero and got to choose which superpower I would possess, it would be the power of touching a book and being able to absorb all its information in just a few seconds, like in the classic cult movie, The Meteor Man.

I don’t know what that power would be called or what I would even be called. Perhaps, Knowledge Girl. That’s lame. Bookgirl. That won’t work either because the superpower doesn’t have to be limited to books; it could be magazines or essays (this would come in very handy if I was an English lit teacher).  Maybe I should firstly and more importantly have a good think about whether, at 30, I would be ‘Something-Girl‘ or ‘Something-Woman‘?

Visiting a bookstore is a very emotional and often tear-inducing experience for me partly due to the sheer joy of being surrounded by so many books and partly because of sadness that I (a) can’t buy all of them as I don’t have enough (i) money and (ii) space in my trunk and (b) I don’t have time to read them all as (i) there is not enough time in the world and (ii) some are in Gujarati and I don’t understand that (yet… you wait till I manage to unlock my superpower). Many times I have envisioned myself at the top of a bookstore’s mobile ladder whizzing around (in a dress of course) from shelf to shelf and singing like Belle in Beauty and the Beast.  (By the way, if it was me in this scene, I would SO be crying.)

For the time being and until I can figure out how to get out of permanent Clark Kent mode, hail The Book Depository (with free worldwide delivery (including Greece)) and of course, for all my literary dietary needs.

My latest book order
My latest book order

My latest purchases which arrived last week (in small doses, I was glad to note, to make the buzz last longer), were two classic Mark Twain’s. I remember reading Huck Finn and Tom Sawyer when I was very young but John Grisham convinced me that I need to read them again, this time with a literary eye. (I’m not name dropping; I don’t know John personally although I wish I did – it’s just well known that he’s a die-hard Twain fan and so I’m intrigued.)

I also ordered a classic which I always want on my bookshelf (I leant it out and never got it back – sad times), On Writing by Stephen King and since I love quotes for writers, Ernest Hemingway On Writing. For a bit of positive thinking (and also to see what the fuss is about – kind of why I’m still reading 50 Shades of Grey), The Magic from The Secret series.

Finally, for my dose of super silly humour, I ordered Tina Fey’s Bossypants which I managed to finish over the weekend. She makes me laugh so hard but there were also a few unexpected snippets of wisdom which will stay with me. I love 30 Rock and SNL and my ideal job (after being the next best thing since J.K. Rowling) would be to write for a comedy show (be it live, sitcom or other). Lorne Michaels, I am available for an interview, kindly liaise via the ‘contact’ link above, or alternatively, send a helicopter for me.  Thank you.

I leave you with a bit of wisdom from Tina Fey (taken from 'Bossypants')
I leave you with a snippet of wisdom from Bossypants by Tina Fey

5 thoughts on “For The Love of Books

    1. superkaterina says:

      I will have to tell you once I’ve read all 3 books (I’ve been told that it’s basically one book split into three parts rather than a trilogy). It’s a very easy read; I guess I would describe it more as a beach read. OK, I’ve read better, but it’s easy for one to scoff, “I can do better than that,” but the fact is she’s rolling around in her millions and I’m not! I don’t hate it, put it that way. Plus, it’s a quick read so you’ll be done in a few days (with all 3 books – don’t look at me, I had a Tina Fey break)! Hope I helped, fellow Kat!

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