Aitch a Pee Pee Why?

I’ve disappeared, I know… but I’m on a mission… and it’s GOOD!

I’ve actually been in London for the past month.  The weekend saw me jumping around like a spring kid unaware of the impending dinner (it being the dinner); there was sun, glorious sun, absolutely blinding amazing unexpected sunshine (well not totally unexpected; the weather forecast said 19 degrees but no one (including myself) believed it). There was actually a man standing in front of me in Starbucks wearing white shorts and flip-flops.  It took me a while to realise he was wearing shorts because his legs were whiter than the shorts).

We weren't expecting the sun so we had to improvise...
We weren’t expecting the sun so we had to improvise…

In the quest for happiness (which is more like the quest for contentment but no one made a film called “The Pursuit of Contentment”), I have been doing a lot of yoga (teacher training in fact; new paths await), reading (Patanjali Sutras anyone?) and writing (the usual mixture of book, screenplay, short stories and paid work).

Madness in the woods
Loose in the woods

Apart from a cider-filled excursion to New Forest, not much reveling has been had but I’ve come to find that it’s all about finding happiness/contentment in the little things and if you try, you can always find at least one reasons to be happy/content or at least muster a smile, all the time.  My new fave thing for instance is walking through the exchange at Liverpool Street station, a little stretch of underground passageway with coffee shops either side.  I walk through there on my way to work and on the way back and the walk lasts for approximately 30 seconds. During those 30 seconds, I feel like I have been teleported into a magical place… (wait, let me finish)! The overwhelming aroma of fresh cakes, croissants and strong coffee and the sound of soothing jazz music make me feel like I’m almost walking in slow motion and my senses are having a field day… then, ever so slowly the music starts to get fainter and fainter and I can start to feel my feet on the ground again and the world starts to move at a regular pace (which by this point seems like high-speed) and the drizzle from outside hits me in the face which is the indicator to commence the power walk to the office. OK, that part’s not so fun.

Getting to the office, I promptly turn on the little fan heater which is under my desk and swap my cold wet shoes for the work ones that live in the office.  I then go and make a tea.  I”m off the caffeine (not a big fan of palpitations after all) and am now totally obsessed and hooked on the peppermint tea we have in the office, so much so that I put double doses in the massive water cups and have started googling “peppermint tea overdose”.  Nothing too worrying has come up so far. I’m eating like a cow, only not so elegantly… so more like a pig.  It’s been non-stop and one can comfortably call it gorging without  exaggeration.  Three hours of yoga on Saturday was promptly cancelled out by a massive pub lunch and a pint of cider then on Sunday, mezes with extras at Zorba in Chelmsford turned into a bit of a who-can-pass-out-the-quickest competition.

Opa...  Zorba the Greek in Chelsmford
Zorba the Greek in Chelsmford

Although I was sceptic at first, spending time with the fams has been a hoot, so much so that I’ve been thinking, what’s so bad about living with your parents at 31 (minus  a week) anyway?  Going back will sting at first (hopefully nothing that a good hard week lying in the Grecian sun won’t cure) because I’m really getting used to being looked after.  My mum and brother were discussing (heatedly) him going out alone late at night and my brother said, “you let Kat go out at that time,” and my mother said, “Kat is 31!”  I’m actually with my brother on this one.  The two times I have had the privilege of time to actually be able go out, I don’t remember coming back.  I know for sure that I came back because I woke up the next day in my own bed, but with no idea how I got there.I’m having a great time generally, time being the operative word… I don’t seem to have enough of it and I’m behind on everything from writing, work, yoga coursework, socialising, etc. and I feel like I’m running up a downstairs escalator but I’m in good spirits and I think that the escalator will start to slow down soon enabling me to catch up.  As for matters of the heart…

The extent of my love life at the moment... Anatomy Class
The extent of my love life at the moment…
Anatomy Class

In the meantime and while I yoga myself up a bit, do watch this space (I will try to blog more, believe me I’ve been dying to blog… I’ve been wanting to do a big fat blog for a while now but I’ve just been a bit blog-constipated).  There will be imminent changes; we’ve been cooking up a lot of ideas with a little help from my very talented friends and exciting yoga and word filled times are ahead.

Finally, I thought you’d like to know that my 3-month period in the UK has a soundtrack and you can listen to it here (I’m going through a Lana phase).

Love and happiness contentment


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