New Ventures Beginneth…

It has launched. My much anticipated website (what? I really was anticipating it!). Feel free to peruse at your leisure. It might explain where I’ve disappeared to of late. My body and mind have been bent and twisted in all different glorious shapes and directions and I can now speak Sanskrit (OK, not quite but pose names and ethics, I gotcha).

So, this is happening…

Vinyasa Flow yoga @ Pole Jam studio in Monastiraki, Athens
Vinyasa Flow yoga @ Pole Jam studio in Monastiraki, Athens

And also some of this went down last week….

Aerial Hoops: Man in The Moon...
Aerial Hoops: Man in The Moon…
... The Straddle...
… The Straddle…
... and The Gazelle
… and The Gazelle

Have I been writing? I’m sorry, could you repeat the question? OK, so no, not remotely as much as I supposedly should be, but I have been reading which is basically half of the work.

I am a book-a-holic. I wouldn’t exactly say the good kind that is always up-to-date with the latest releases but the psycho kind that goes into WH Smiths and gets visibly depressed and starts to stroke the book covers (they’re all so smooth lately) like a beast about to devour its prey (is it me or do all the latest book covers look like cupcakes?). I’ve narrowed it down to part jealousy that I’m not on the shelves yet and part wanting to read them all but not having the time… I’ve been complaining a lot lately about not having enough time and the age-old adage that you should be careful what you wish for keeps poking me in the ribs… one day I could get life in prison or something (hopefully for something I actually did) and then I’d have all the time in the world and the Universe will be saying to me, ‘this is what you wanted, no?’ (the Universe is obviously a Spaniard in my imagination).

So I’m grateful that I don’t have enough time on the one hand. I brought about 26 books with me from Greece which I have only managed to get through 3 of and I just ordered another couple (book-a-holic I say) and I will have to pay excess baggage charges in order to carry them back with me. I usually order from The Book Depository because it’s much cheaper but whatever money I managed to save by buying them from TBD I have basically paid triple having to lug them back and forth like a bag (or book) lady.

Grisham is currently in my bag (not literally although as far as hunky, husky authors go… OK, scrap what I was about to say because this is leading onto how I will end up serving a prison sentence in the first place) and I can’t wait to be done with that to start on Gone Girl which is all the rage… but before that I must finish the Great Gatsby… The GG is one of those books that I’ve had forever and never got round to reading. Disgraceful for a writer? Maybe… give me a break, I’ve only got 2 eyes and unfortunately they have to go in the same direction at the same time (except when I’m drunk) otherwise I’d be reading books two at a time.

Returning to Greece next week feels like I’m going to pastures old to start anew… ah, whatever… IT’S SUMMER!! UK weather has been really spanking my hiney this whole time with the exception of a few particularly warm days. The sun has been out so I can’t complain on the vitamin D front but it’s not working, heat wise (the lights are on but no one’s home to shove some coal in the old bugger and crank the heat up).

Also can’t wait to get back into a writing routine… I resent the person who just said that I may need a plumber because my book has been stuck in the pipeline for a really long time… you watch… just you watch!

Many yogi writer kisses to all

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