Why, hello!

endless love

I’m Kat; a working (WAH — mostly) writer/editor/author with one child, one partner, several pets, a large wild garden that I don’t tend to nearly as much as I should (okay, fine, not at all), not enough hours in the day, and I miss sleep. I’ve been writing professionally for over 20 years (here are some of my very early published bits if you fancy a laugh), and in general since infancy. I own a writing services company, Little Words Limited, and that takes up most of my time but I love it, as well as the people I work with.

I have written two books (and started approximately a couple thousand others) and I am trying to get published after years of dreaming about it (and sending off ridiculous submissions to agents before finally getting the hang of it), I (finally) have a literary agent and am, what we call, a signed author (somebody pinch me). (Click here to read more of my writing journey, updated every year since I started this site in ’12.)

As if being a working parent is not enough, I am also (lest I be alone with my thoughts for more than a second) working on several other projects, including my English literature and philosophy degree, a series of children’s books and, perpetually, the next novel. I consider myself a woman writer for women writers. I love fellow writers and wish we could hang out all day talking everything writing and drinking Absinthe like the Lost Generation. Being a mother and writing are the two things I’m most proud of in this world, and I want to continue to do both, for ever and ever, amen.

Random pieces of information about me that you may (or totally may not… most likely not) find interesting: I split my time between the UK (where I grew up since toddlerhood) and Greece (my birthplace). I am viewed as a Greek in the UK, and a Brit in Greece (go figure). I’m not a big fan of Greek food (I’ve been force-fed it my whole life; give me a tuna melt panini any day). I have a love/hate relationship with travel; I love being at the new destination but detest the journey part. My Kindle goes everywhere with me. I have Blinkist because one lifetime is not enough for all the books I MUST read. I’ve lost count of the number of tattoos I have. Mental health struggles? You betcha! (Since I was six, thank you very much.) Oh, and if I don’t wear socks, my hands sweat.

Perpetual resting WTF face since childhood

I hope you have been at least mildly entertained by my ramblings. Please feel free to reach out for anything and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can (disclaimer: I only talk to nice people).

Kat x

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