I’m a working (WAH) writer with one baby, one partner, several cats and dogs and other animals, a large wild garden, no external help, not enough hours in the day, and bags under my eyes. In addition, I have written one book that I am trying to get published, and am writing my second. Parenting is fudging hard; parenting while trying to write a book is preposterous. Having a child and writing a book are the two things I’m most proud of in this world, so… I want to do more of both. Am I crazy? Yes. Yes, I am.

Here’s more of my journey updated every year since I started this blog in ’12.

July 2012

Writer stuck in rat race (albeit, a fun rat race in the Mediterranean), determined to get out (of the race, not the Med).  Determination sometimes (almost always) hindered by The Daily Mail,  Sky Showbiz and, on pay-day, ASOS.com… but I will get there (with my showbiz knowledge and wardrobe in tact).

July 2013

Writer who managed to get out of the rat race and is now teaching yoga (and loving it) in a bid to sustain the “writer” lifestyle and maintain a little equanimity. Still bashing away at the book and screenplay and still has big dreams (and obviously a big opinion of herself). Is also maybe a little too honest. Still in the Med. Still loving it.

July 2014

Writer who (to my own surprise) is actually making a living writing. Has a weekly column on StyleLove called Convo (it’s so much fun), and is the editor at lotsofyoga.com (watch this space – it’s up and coming). Has gained 5 dogs and 2 cats since last updating this About page. Is a few strides closer to The Dream.

July 2015

Writer who is still making a living writing (mainly here and here), while also teaching yoga and HIIT, trying to keep up with my animals, my friends, my TV shows, and my dream. Aiming to (A) increase motivation and word output, and (B) reduce food and alcoholic intake (although at this stage I’ll be happy with just (A)).

July 2016

The years are rolling by and I’m still writing the goddamned motherfudging book, but, I’m happy to report, I’m actually nearly finished! Can you believe it? No, me neither. Hoping next year’s update will read: “Writer and published author, still enjoying a care-free life with lovely people and lovely animals.” For the time being, all of that is true, sans the “published author” bit.

July 2017

I finished the book (and also created The Yoga Music Company). Not published yet. Sent it to eight trusted readers (a la Stephen King). Edited the book. Attended a creative writing course. Re-edited the book. Made a spreadsheet of agents to send the book to. Put finding an agent on hold (as well as pretty much everything else) because I’m busy creating something else. The baby in my belly.

July 2018

I made a baby. OK, I had some help making it (but why does it feel like I pretty much did it alone? Ah, yes, that would be because I was the one who wasn’t able to sit for a month). I am in love with said baby. Writing my second book (while still trying to get the first book published) and raise a human child. Does anyone perhaps know how to do all of these simultaneously? Please? Anyone?

Kat x

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